The development of humanity and the earth are inextricably linked. This relationship must inevitably be viewed as a paradigm if intelligent solutions to all kinds of problems are to be found.

In the sense of collective consciousness, humanity as a whole will increasingly experience this re-connection and thus deliberately embark on a new, healthy and joyful course.

Problems are viewed as challenges and opportunities that harbor potential. Geomediation is an interface between the existing problem and the potential. Transmitting takes place by means of and based on Geomediation.


This creates a new order

The projects and procedures presented here arise from an inner truth, which has been shown through the consistent walking of my soul path. Life itself, the connection to my soul energy and to earth consciousness opened up ways that the normal mind would never have shown me.

The vision of a human being that lives deeply in its connection to its true self appeals to me and makes me happy. It is therefore important to me to do everything that is possible to do my part.

People on my life path showed themselves to be wonderful teachers, friends and companions. Their belief in my vision supported my decision to establish this foundation and to continue making Geomediation possible. 

Geomediation is more than a concept - it is an internalized attitude to life - which has found an equivalent on the outside. It is an ever increasing energy field that wants to support people in achieving their individual freedom.

I invite every interested reader to read with an open heart and to be touched inside.

Geomediation means that EVERYONE can fulfill his or her heart's desires and that something completely NEW is waiting to be recognized and experienced by us.

Welcome to the world of Geomediation.

Yours, Caroline Wünsche