The UniversiTree - a Re-Tree-T to get closer to yourself

The first UniversiTree is founded amidst majestic limestone formations and mature trees. Below us are the Waipu Caves - Te Ana Waipu - with their sacred, underground passages. Close to two major cities, deep in nature, the UniversiTree is just a few miles from the Pacific coast.

A place is being created in Aotearoa [New Zealand] where people will understand themselves as "students" of nature, especially of the trees, in order to enter a multidimensional and reciprocal learning process.


With natural beauty everywhere, a healing center and a “Tree of Life“ arboratum is being created in the quiet of  our 14 hectare site. Unusual rock formations, open spaces, a limestone cave system, the nearby Bream Bay and native forest with Kauri trees all unite and give voice to an enlivened spirit.


How the UniversiTree started:

"In 2017 I had a deep encounter with an old wisdomkeeper - an old oak tree at Joli Mont, Switzerland. The tree told me that humans would learn a new communication from trees, dolphins and whales. From this experience the UniversiTree and the „siblings-tree-project“ was conceived.


My intention was to create an environment, where people could gather, be, contemplate and study whilst being students of the trees, along with whales and dolphins.


Trees and the big family of the Cetacea have a special capacity to be our teachers. They will teach us a new communication that will enable a new interpersonal level within ourselves and with our fellow man: a communication that is deeper, more truthful and more solution-oriented, a communication that, at its core, does not lead to separation but to unification. And as it is a communication oft he future, it is in the same time a path into the unknown.

By documenting the experience people have on their journeys of awareness and wellbeing we will create an archive from which we might map common experiences with particular tree types within in the UniversiTree".

Contact with  animals

The contact to animals  - specially to dolphins and whales- doesn´t  necessarily require a physical contact. However the chance to see them is likely, as they are often in the coastal waters of Bream bay. With our little boat we will,  when they call, us go on the sea to have an encounter. On the UniversiTree site we have  horses, chickens, doves, a cat and a dog who participate with us on our journey - Especially the horses are part of the team and with their presence they are beautiful helpers for the two-legged.


Why are we doing this?

To create an environment where people find it easy to consciously connect with their soul. From this connection to our soul energy we will find the answers to all sorts of problems, either personal or global.


The UniversiTree is being established as a place where people learn to connect with themselves and their soul energy by connecting with nature. The UniversiTree is place where you can:

- uncover the purpose of your existence

- have deep revelations

- plant deep roots into the earth

- accept the cycles of life and death

- understand the duality to get out of the drama cycle

- discover your depths with mindfulness and self-love

- open up to the New which is about to come

- reveal your destiny

- know more about your sovereign being


 The UniversiTree is dedicated to the deep knowing that connection to heart, soul and nature are the primary elements of the divine order.


 How does it happen?

In a place of engagement deeper meaning and discovery, we become disciples of ourselves and students of the surrounding nature.

If we can accept that trees, animals and other creatures are sentient beings with their own higher wisdom, they can open up channels to us that in turn allow us to go deeper into ourselves. Dialogues with trees can then be experienced internally and a magical interplay can begin ...


Like many other beings, trees are far more developed than many people are aware. They are our ancestors and their knowing is enormously underestimated. Nature in general can be experienced as a teacher and, if we open to a higher awareness, we can learn about ourselves. If humankind want to find intelligent solutions for global problems, the answers can not be found without the voice of the earth and nature herself.


Everyone is invited to learn a new communication and start a joyful journey into their personal depths. Together, we will enter a multidimensional and reciprocal learning process. A new communication of the future will be explored.  The trees and other beings support all processes. Timeless wisdom traditions combine with a synthesis of modalities to promote tranquility knowing and passion.


Our Coaching Program - Geomediation - Bringing birth to your cosmic being

The paradigm of life on this planet has changed. The earth herself is shifting.  More and more chaos is appearing and we have to make new sense of the world and the meaning of life. Solutions from the past will no longer help us with the future. We have to understand and accept the intelligence of our own soul and connect with our soul energy to find the path that lies within us that leads us toward our sovereign being. The purpose of Geomediation is to guide people in their process of becoming more aware and to promote the unique relationship between the earth and other beings.

The evolution of humanity is inextricably linked to a felt relationship the earth.

The coaching program guides you to become the leader that leads you to your own sovereign and cosmic being and a self determined life.



The UniversiTree hosts people in an internship that offers simple living with gratifying work and nourishing connectedness.
The internship program provides an invaluable contribution to the development of the UniversiTree, whilst providing a gateway for people of all walks of life to enjoy a very unique experience.

The aim of the program is: 

· To Live: and work in a caring and supportive environment where everyone can grow in their unique way

· To Nourish: oneself with wholesome food & living - body, mind and spirit

· To Inspire: conscious living, self exploration and unity in diversity

· To Engage: in a community culture and contribute for a higher purpose

· To Connect: to a deep sense of life & human potential with like-minded people, the trees and other living beings.

Possibilities are tailored to the needs and budget of each participant.


Where is it?

The „UniversiTree-Aotearoa“ is located at Waipu Caves, Northland New Zealand.

We are 125km from Auckland, 20 km from Whangarei and just a few miles from the Pacific Coast.

What we have done so far:

The UniversiTree is operational in its formation stages. Caroline and Alistair are living on-site. Travellers have come to volunteer.

· Camping and kitchen area for guests and volunteers has been erected

· Spring water system established

· A cottage built

· First steps exploring the “Tree of Life“ path

· Planting trees, establishing permaculture based gardens, regenerating native bush

· Fencing for horses

· Cottage construction and landscaping


What has to be developed?


October 21 - May 22:

· guest accomodation: treehouses, little chalets, tentsites

· seminar house: putting up a yurt, decking

· lounge and kitchen area

· landscaping: planting, establishing paths for the "tree of life" and the 11 Sephirot

· save entry to the „master cave“ system

· finishing the arena for horse assisted therapy

· continuing facilities development including roadways and drainage.



This combined film and publishing project is being conceptualized and will highlight working artists and their story in a 2-5 minute short film and short text.
The featured artists are people who cooperate with the Earth in a conscious manner, who want to understand the Holy Trinity and who strive to live by it. They have made it their goal to strengthen their own female creative power and to bring it back into the consciousness of people through their actions. With the help of their gifts and talents, they are committed to a forward-looking We for a life in which there are only winners.