is a deep way to connect with ourselves and life through the conscious revival of an ancient relationship - that between earth and man.

Geomediation can be understood as a multi-dimensional concept to take forward-looking steps.

Geomediation stands for living in
- freedom
- autonomy
- Health
- success
- Joy
- successful coexistence, hand in hand with mother earth.

It is the exit from a dangerous dead end - an iron grip and a mass hypnosis - based on the assumption "win - loose" or "for there to be winners, there must be losers". 
Geomediation would like to show that a contrary basic maxim can be groundbreaking :

"WIN-WIN - WIN" - a life in which there are only winners.

Geomediation is much more than a concept, it is a living BEING attitude.

Welcome to the world of Geomediation!
A world in which inner growth, mutual mindfulness and trusting interaction are priority values. Valid values within the foundation and in dealing with all those people who come into contact with us.