The UniversiTree hosts people from around the world in an internship that offers simple living with gratifying work and nourishing connected-ness. The internship program provides an invaluable contribution to the development of the UniversiTree, whilst providing a gateway for people of all walks of life to enjoy a very unique experience.
The aim of the program is:
  • To Live: and work in a caring and supportive environment where everyone can grow in their unique way
  • To Nourish: oneself with wholesome food & living - body, mind and spirit
  • To Inspire: conscious living, self exploration and unity in diversity
  • To Engage: in a community culture and contribute for a higher purpose
  • To Connect: to a deep sense of life & human potential with like-minded people, the trees and other living beings.
Possibilities are tailored to the needs and budget of each participant.