About us - the members of the Board of Trustees introduce themselves:

o    Caroline Wunsch (Chairperson)

o    Karin Knupp

Fundamentally, we assume that our foundation represents more than one legal body. We are an association of people who, on the one hand, express their very own intentions and individual forms of expression autonomously and freely and at the same time serve a higher-level vision. Thus we are a living community, which in turn creates an energy field with which information fields for the New Era will resonate.

Our need and deep hearts desire is to raise awareness and to create.

We see ourselves as part of what is to be created. Our awareness work, and awareness of our own potential, allows us to take further steps accordingly. We grow organically “within ourselves” and change our work and our way accordingly.

We can and do not want to see any more meaning in destructive concepts of life - the love for our children, for ourselves  - for everything that is alive is too great !

We want to go the path that leads us out of the previous mass hypnosis.

We want to remember the primal knowledge deeply rooted in us.

We want to be learners and teachers at the same time.

We want to be part of change and be ourselves the change at the same time.

We make change our life.

Making a change in a world where most people continue to follow the uniform path is fraught with great challenges ...

And the call is unmistakable, the longing is so great that we want to make a previously unheard-of voice heard.

Following a vision and task that arose in a sacred place in Turkey, the foundation wants to support the activation and networking of strategic places of power in the coming years and guarantee its implementation.


You can contribute in many ways to support the implementation of the vision.

Since our foundation is under construction, we look forward to fruitful exchange and cooperation. Please contact us.