1. Projects, education and support in the form of

  • Çirali project
  • "UniversiTree" project
  • Bolivia project
  • "Sibling Tree Project"
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Lectures
  • Film project "True Communication - take a look inside"

2. Foundation of the "UniversiTree" in New Zealand - arboratum and tree nursery for new communication

3. Activation of the stem cell sites

4. Networking of stem cell sites with the original stem cell site Çirali and setting up a new earth grid

5. Geomediation in business and science - mediation, cooperation and collaboration

6. Support for "geomediation communities" at the stem cell sites

1.  Awareness-raising education and support:

  • Seminars at Çirali, New Zealand, Bolivia
  • Lectures
  • Film project "True Communication - take a look inside"
  • Publications
  • Soul portraits (to  GeoArt)

2. Foundation of a "UniversiTree"  - a tree nursery for new communication

This tree project is about the vision of starting a special communication with trees. A place is being created in New Zealand where people will understand themselves as "students" of trees in order to enter a multidimensional and reciprocal learning process. This means that we humans will also have a special influence on the trees. If we move away from the attitude that trees are "lower" beings, they open up other channels to us humans and then in turn get deeper into us. This allows dialogues with trees to be experienced internally.
A magical interplay born of harmony will begin ...

Basically, we assume that trees, like other beings, are far more developed than many people are aware of. They also have intelligence that is enormously underestimated. Trees (as well as whales and dolphins) seem to be the beings that will teach us a lot in the future. So also a new communication.
This communication will enable a new interpersonal level. In ourselves as well as to our fellow human beings. It will become deeper, more truthful and more solution-oriented. A communication that at its core does not lead to separation but to unification.

Everyone who wants to experience something completely different for a certain time is invited to the "UniversiTree". In a beautiful setting, deep inner calm and a sense of the essential can be discovered.

3. Activation of the stem cell sites

The foundation aims to contribute to making our earth a place where all beings can participate in a free, joyful and creative way. This includes activating special places of power. These are so-called "stem cell places".

A peaceful co-existence is based on the awareness of our primordial nature and the discharge of our primordial light. By reconnecting to our true being and our soul potential, sustainable and truly “win-win-win” based solutions for global challenges are found. The change in our society, and thus solutions to our problems, must and can only be based on a paradigm shift in everyone. As long as people feel opposed to the elementary laws of nature and act accordingly, they permanently construct boats with large holes" We have the incomplete blueprint, so to speak.

Assuming that the earth itself is a living being, it has functions - just like any other organism. In the sense of a system, the parts of which work together as organs. So the earth also has the need for the existence of stem cells, just as they can be found in humans. They are elementary for both growth and regeneration.

By activating the stem cell places it is possible to activate the information for a true coexistence and communication that is deep within us.

In addition, this activation is based on the principle of resonance and the connection to the stemcell place Çirali. The original creation matrix is contained at the original cell site and subsequently also at the other stem cell sites.

4. Networking of stem cell sites and building a new earth grid

The activated stem cell place should be surrounded by a loving environment and reconnected to it's network. A strong network is being built up. This will have a direct positive impact on humanity.

Today's age is an information age - and thus  humanity is ripe for this information of the primordial light. Uptake of this will positively influence the whole society.

Since stemcell places will be connected by a new grid, information in the form of “life packages” will be distributed around the world at great speed. This will lead to an increase in human self-healing and consciousness. Suppression and ignorance are thus increasingly reduced.

In the sense of collective consciousness, humanity as a whole will increasingly experience this re-connection and thus deliberately embark on a new, healthy and joyful course.

5. Geomediation in business and science - mediation, cooperation and collaboration

Economic development, which is socio-cultural and ecologically sustainable, includes the fields of consciousness of the earth as well as your own soul intelligence.

We offer a wide variety of companies to reference geomediation. The use of innovative efficiency technologies as well as their research and monitoring can be carried out by our support and advice.
Thus projects gain a fruitful depth, which enables everyone involved a real profit at all levels.
It is overdue, for our further development, that people from business and science connect with their soul energy and the earth consciousness.
In this way, scientific and interdisciplinary work programs can help to show solutions and ways in which peaceful life is possible both for human and non-human nature together and in balance.

The increasing installation of artificial intelligence worldwide requires monitoring and synchronization. It is top priority that synchronization take place with the soul intelligence and the earth intelligence.

Geomediation is committed to meaningful collaboration between different interests and intelligences.

6. Support for communities at power places

The aim is to be accompanying, supportive or initiating in the establishment of centers and communities that have chosen to be holistic. The central concern here is to raise awareness as well as the general energy level of the people.
The increase in energy takes place through the conscious connection of the stem cell sites located worldwide and the conscious reference to the energy field of Çirali.

So Geomediation should be a central aspect. This means that the earth is accepted as an independent entity and is also used as a consultant. The basic assumption and the knowledge that the development of humanity and the earth are inextricably linked is the basis. This relationship has to be seen as a paradigm if intelligent solutions to all kinds of problems are to be found.
This and other principles such as that of sacred geometry will increase the energy in these places.

Ideally, the emerging communities would be in regular contact and exchange. This will create places of unusually great potential because there will be places where people reconnect to the natural, earthly and cosmic order.
Through our own re-connection (Religio), the original creative forces between heaven and earth are connected with each other in a conscious act. Both in people and in places.

Through the power of the deeply internalized and lived love of the people who enliven it, this synchronous and conscious effects in the stemcell places will bring about alchemical transformations of a size not yet foreseeable.

The new network of stemcell places on earth

- central places for the release and support of a prospective evolution of mankind.