Offers - and who is involved

Caroline Wünsche

My Coaching Program - Geomediation - Bringing birth to your cosmic being
The paradigm of life on this planet has changed. The earth herself is shifting. More and more chaos is appearing and we have to make new sense of the world and the meaning of life. Solutions from the past will no longer help us with the future. We have to understand and accept the intelligence of our own soul and connect with our soul energy to find the path that lies within us that leads us toward our sovereign being. The purpose of Geomediation is to guide people in their process of becoming more aware and to promote the unique relationship between the earth and other beings.
Human evolution is inseparable from a felt relationship with the earth.
My coaching program guides you to become the leader that leads you to your own sovereign and cosmic being.
I have been accompanying people on parts of their journey for over 30 years. With my practical and mental-spiritual knowledge, it is important to me to touch people at their heart level. Working with the earth and everything that is alive (e.g. water, fire, mountains) is important to me.
Opening up conscious access to your own soul knowledge and the connection to your own spirit are elementary aspects of my work.
I do not invoke angels, ascended masters, or other substitute authorities in my work. I come from the point that you carry everything within you. It's time to break old spiritual patterns and step into authority.
To become an awakened person means to have grown up and to take full responsibility for everything you experience. It means no longer judging, for example wanting to be good or wanting to banish evil, praying for peace, etc.
Awakening means getting out of "good-evil" thinking and arriving at neutrality.
It may be a long way to get there, for many shadow energy fields have built up over the ages. Only by recognizing and integrating the shadow capital can you be put to good use. This shadow capital is essential for one's own spiritual growth - what is not wanted finally wants to come home. With every shadow work, energy is released, which can usually be felt. With this increase in energy, consciousness is in turn expanded. This expansion of consciousness then leads reciprocally to the fact that even more shadow work can take place, i.e. more energy is drawn from the "shadow energy fields".
Introspection and shadow work bring joy and liberation. Shadow work started very early in my life. With the Brothers Grimm, which I read to myself as a little girl and also because I had a “bad stepmother”. She taught me that without shadow work I would go to the dogs. I have salvaged treasures for many years, Shadow Show was my way to them.
Horse-assisted work will also have a place in the coaching and introspection.
My offers take place in Turkey and Aotearoa. On request and organization also in other countries.



collaboration and team

May I introduce:


In addition to the trees, the team also includes our animal friends and wonderful people. Live in the UniversiTree

  • Chicken
  • Ducks
  • Our dog Mahika
  • Our cat Mitzi
  • Doves
  • and 6 horses - four big ones and two minis, dearly loved by the big ones, especially Max finally has a girlfriend for himself again :-)

The horse-assisted work will also have a place in the coaching and introspection offers. Mitzi and Mahika probably don't want to miss anything!

Alistair Wait

Alistair's expertise also finds its way into retreats, seminars and workshops. His integral approach to self-determination draws on his extensive background with NLP and Spiral Dynamics, Equine Assisted Learning, Human Design System, constitutional law, legal systems and history. Over the years he has delivered countless seminars all helping  people to step into their sovereign being. With his calmness and patience he is a true enrichment for people who are dedicated to the important questions of life.

Ian Benson

I am particularly looking forward to working with our neighbor and horse expert Ian Benson in the future. Ian is the founder of Humanship. For many years he has been supporting people from English and German speaking countries with issues related to horses. He is an expert in improving and harmonizing the relationship between man and horse. For 15 years he has been offering seminars with Anke Benson in German-speaking countries. Humanship is more than an approach like horsemanship - it is a way of life - a unique enrichment for man and horse.

Humanship helps to become a better person, and so the horse can be according to its nature and breathe deeply...