A place for the teaching of emptiness in Lemurian forests -learning with trees, whales and dolphins

The UniversiTree - a retreet to get closer to yourself
The first UniversiTree is founded amidst majestic limestone formations and mature trees. Below us are the Waipu Caves with their sacred, underground passages. Close to two major cities, deep in nature, the UniversiTree is just a few miles from the Pacific coast.
A place is being created in New Zealand where people will understand themselves as "students" of trees in order to enter a multidimensional and reciprocal learning process.
With natural beauty everywhere, a retreat and a “Tree of Life“ arboratum are being created in the quiet of a 14 hectare site. Unusual rock formations, open spaces, a limestone cave system, the nearby Bream Bay and native forest with Kauri trees all unite and give voice to an enlivened spirit. One hour away are the Poor Knights Islands, one oft he worlds iconic dive spots.
Cave Experiences
In the caves it is possible to spend time completely radiation-free. This allows the body to escape for a while from the enormous stress of the microwaves that are always around us. Time for deep healing and clear thoughts to promote your own awareness. In this sense, "dark retreats" are also offered. See offers.

How the UniversiTree started:
In 2017 I, Caroline, had a deep encounter with an old wisdom keeper - an old oak tree near the Joli Mont in Switzerland. Among other things, Baum said that people would learn a new form of communication with the help of trees, dolphins and whales. Based on this experience, the UniversiTree and the "Sibling Tree Project" were conceived. My intention was to create an environment where people could gather, be, reflect and study while being disciples of the trees along with whales and dolphins. Trees and the large cetacean family have a special ability to be our teachers. They will teach us a communication that will enable a new interpersonal level within ourselves and with our fellow human beings: A communication that is deeper, truer and more solution-oriented, a communication that does not lead to separation at its core, but to union.
Living Archive
As it is a communication of the future, it is also a way into the unknown.
By documenting the experiences people have had on their journeys of consciousness, we will create an archive from which we can map shared experiences with specific tree species in the "UniversiTree".
Why are we doing this?
To create an environment in which people find it easy to consciously connect with their soul. From this connection to one's soul energy, answers to all sorts of problems are found, either personally or globally. The UniversiTree is established as a place where people learn to connect with themselves and the earth as an entity itself. For a future worth living.
  • uncover the purpose of your existence
  • Drive deep roots into the earth, find a balanced center to develop a sprawling crown
  • Truly embrace the cycles of life and death
  • Understand and accept the duality in order to get out of the cycle drama
  • Discover your own depths with mindfulness and self-love
  • Open yourself to the New Era.
  • Connect with your Sovereign Self
The UniversiTree is dedicated to the deep knowledge that the connection to heart, soul and nature are the primary elements of the divine order.
Listen - feel - look inside
How does it work?
In a place of engagement deeper meaning and discovery, we become disciples of ourselves and students of the surrounding nature.
If we can accept that trees are sentient beings with their own higher wisdom, they can open up channels to us that in turn allow us to go deeper into ourselves. Dialogues with trees can then be experienced internally and a magical interplay can begin ...

Trees, like many other creatures, are far more evolved than many people realize. They are our ancestors and their knowledge is grossly underestimated. Nature in general can be experienced as a teacher and man can learn a lot about himself and beyond if he is open to a higher consciousness. If humanity is to find intelligent solutions to global problems, the answers cannot be found without the voice of nature itself and, more importantly, the earth itself.


Everyone is invited to learn a new way of communicating and begin a joyful journey into their personal depths. Together we embark on a multidimensional and mutual learning process. A new communication of the future is explored. The trees and other beings support all processes. Timeless traditions of wisdom combine with a synthesis of modalities to foster stillness, knowledge and passion.